About the Garden

At 'From the Ground Up' Community Garden, we're growing veggies, giving back ... and nurturing a true spirit of community.

What began as an abandoned plot of land under the overpass in Downtown Pensacola, Florida has blossomed into a hub for education, art, music and sustainability. As a project of Innisfree Hotels' Hive, we're planting more than vegetables - we're planting the seeds of opportunity.

Get Involved


‘From the Ground Up’ welcomes you as a volunteer, a student of life or a guest at one of our regular musical, movie, gardening or culinary events.

When you spend time with us during our regular garden hours, you can take home a few veggies as part of our 'Reap What You Sow' program.

Water Can and Flower
Bee Hive
Dig In

Dig deeper to learn about organic gardening and how you can make real change in the world, one seed at a time. Perhaps, like us, you'll find a little 'trail magic' along the way.

Music Under the Stars

The garden comes to life during the spring and fall with our popular 'Music Under the Stars' series.



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